A free service to find people for tennis, golf, cards, scuba, etc.

What is GeoAmigo
Our Story
Really simple to use
What interests are covered
What is GeoAmigo
Welcome! You have stumbled on to GeoAmigo. GeoAmigo is very simple to use. Pick what you are interested in and other people in your area with the same interests will show up on the map. Then you contact them. Simple enough.

If you have 10 seconds more and want to get fancy you drop markers on where you want to do whatever it is that interests you.

So drop a marker for tennis on your favorite tennis court. Drop a golf marker on your favorite golf course.

Watch this one minute video where I create an account, set my interests, find another user, message them, drop a marker, and finally check my messages; all in one minute!
Meet real people, talk to real people, and do real things.
Our Story
I brought my tennis racquet to a Southern resort and hoped to find someone other than the resort’s tennis pro to play with; no luck. I sat pondering the 500+ rooms thinking someone else here on vacation must want to play tennis; if there was only some way to find other people with the same interests. BING the idea of GeoAmigo was born at that instant and the rest of that vacation was spent programming. Since then I have beavered away building it, not just for the tennis people out there but anyone looking to partner up with someone for some interesting activity. I hope you enjoy it.

Now for a bit of a sales pitch. You are seeing GeoAmigo at its beginning. If you are the only user in your area using it then at first GeoAmigo won't help you very much so it is in your own best interest to promote it among your friends and tell them to promote it among their friends. Why? Well then you will have more and more people with whom you can connect.

As I have said, this is the start of GeoAmigo; it isn’t yet perfect. So I encourage you to contact me with bugs, issues, complaints, suggested interests, compliments, or if you are looking to play Tennis.

Robert Donovan

You can contact us via twitter:
Really Simple
  • Find partners for things like tennis, golf, gaming, etc
  • Traveling? Find partners while you are there.
  • Simple; we have made this really really easy to use.
  • Cost... Nothing.
What interests

Great tool to find people with similar interests or to find people with the same interests. Then you can arrange to meet people with similar interests. Right now GeoAmigo covers: Sports, Arts, Cards, Academic Discussions, Mathimatics, Physics, Chemisty, Languages, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Engineering, Medicine, Technology, C++ Programming, VB.Net Programming, PHP Programming, Lisp Programming, Tennis, Golf, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Geocaching, Running, Biking, Bridge, Snorkling, Wreck Diving, Poker, Volleyball, Creative Writing, Painting, Quilting, Squash, Ping Pong, Cricket, Kayak, Book Club, Chinese, Robotics, Rock Climbing, Astronomy, and Badminton

If what you are interested in is not here then log in and suggest an interest. So far every suggested interest has been added.



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First we strongly recommend that you sign in with google or facebook as this makes this whole process brain dead easy; You click, you aprove, and then you are in. No stupid passwords or whatnot to remember.

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*GeoAmigo won't abuse the crap out of your email. Basically we will pass along (unless you turn it off) messages that other people send you. So if you say that you are interested in tennis in Halifax, Nova Scotia you might get emails that are from people in the Halifax area saying "Hey, would you like to play tennis this weekend?"
I think those are cool emails to get. Oh and yah we won't give/sell your email to anyone else as that just sucks.